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8 Ball Camera Support Warranty

All products that 8 Ball Mfg manufactures are warranted for Life. On any part that I manufacture. If you leave a slider out in the rain and the bearings rust well that's your problem. If you strip a threaded hole and want me to fix it I will for free. (you get it to me) I also clean and adjust all products that I make once a year for free .I have been known to fix some abused, dropped, broken and bent parts also .Things I don't warranty, Bearings, Handles and any thing I have to purchase.

8 Ball Butt Dolly

All billet with single speed rail for adjustable seat height 8Ball new casters made in house with real bearings no lazy susan bearings here casters rotate vary smooth,  the casters are available for all other butt dollys as a replacement caster. Low center of gravity Mitchael mount.

butt dolly

Bazooka heavy duty riser on a 10" base.
Bazooka Riser

Rotating Offset

Just finished I use the same pan brake and bearings as the slider. They will be available in different lengths and will be hard anodized.This one is 6" center to center.


rotating offset

rotating offset



Bazooka Base The Bazooka base If you like the slider you will like the base all billet aluminum. Removable legs. Leveling legs can be replaced with speed rail. Call for more info and Pricing. Risers to follow. Shown with test wheels


Bazooka Base

"Castle Nut" Nicest nuts in town.


Castle Nut


8 Ball Camera Dolly


More pictures in the Gallery

Featured Product:

Bazooka Gas Riser

Bazooka Gas Riser

Prototype: Swing 4 way level head on a 8Ball 2 stage Bazooka gas Riser.

Bazooka Base

The New Camera Slider

Camera Slider


Adjustable Riser

With center support




A new twist on an old design.

Top plate is 10" Od and has a true Mitchell base with a bubble level. Bottom plate is .500 thick so there is no flex.And the center support is there so the tubes don't twist when the top castle nut is tightened ..... $650.00

Euro Adapter

Nut Buster II

Nut Buster

The Nut Buster IINut Buster II was designed to fit into more of an open area. Same design as the Original so it fits all nuts....$45.00


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